Bryan Jerden


Looking back, I can now see that my interest in observation and interpretation started long before I ever picked up a camera. In a creative writing class in middle school and high school, I often used photographs and paintings to inspire my assignments. Before finding a career in post-production sound, I spent most of my school years studying fine art theory, history and practice.

Creatively, I have always appreciated abstraction and impressionism. This has certainly made its way into the way I see street photography. The other dominating attribute is culture. Having studied art history in college, I can see and appreciate the connection of cultural shifts, integration and how the human experience has affected the creative works of my favorite artists.

My body of work is largely based on the enduring, yet ever changing cultural landscape of Los Angeles. The largest project I have to date is my work in and around the oldest part of Los Angeles called El Pueblo de Los Angeles - or “Olvera Street.” Interestingly, this area of downtown Los Angeles sits between two other historical city landmarks - Union Station and Chinatown. It is how these three areas coexist and drive the cultural diversity of my city that is at the heart of my ongoing project, “Shadows of LA.”

In Alex Webb’s book “Suffering Light,” his bold use of Kodachrome color, shadows and strong cultural imagery has given me the inspiration and creative road map to help navigate my own photographic journey.

I hope you find my portfolio, project and City Notes pages enjoyable. There is a contact page if you would like to connect with me. I also have a forthcoming blog where the goal is to share the works of other inspiring artists and resources.

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