Bryan Jerden


Looking back, I can now see that my interest in observation and interpretation started long before I ever picked up a camera. In middle school, I caught the attention of my creative writing instructor with an assignment on “poetic descriptions” of paintings and photographs. Describing the narrative of any image was intuitive for me and it seemed as if every image had a story to tell. It wasn’t long before I discovered drawing.

Impressionism always fascinated me and its clear to me now how this has influenced my photography. While I love and respect the works of great photographers who employ photojournalist skills as well as a complex narratives on societies, I am more attracted to form, composition and the curiosity of individuals.

My mission is not based on a single image or collection of photographs. I love street photography and do it because I enjoy it. As I continue to build a body of work I can see something coming together that is beyond my scope of understanding. Ultimately I hope to publish works in books and galleries. Until then I have this site.....