Bryan Jerden


Looking back, I can now see that my interest in observation started long before I ever picked up a camera. A creative writing class in middle school offered the first clues, where I often used photographs and paintings to inspire my assignments. Now I create photographs that offer a visual narrative to the way I see.

Creatively, I have always appreciated abstraction and impressionism as well as paintings and drawings from the renaissance era. drawing inspiration on light, shadow form and color, Ive have found parallels in fine art and photography.

I photograph life on the streets to seek composition from the everyday rhythm of the city. A gesture, shadow, a sliver of light or perhaps the connection between the people and its surroundings. I find that street photography challenges me to remain in the moment, completely open to chance and a commitment to be fully aware. Photography for me is not the ability to take picture, it is a way to see the world.